Spend Time on your patients, not on paper claims

It’s time to go digital!


Burdened with processing paper claims?

Allow us to relieve you!


Need help managing your members benefit utilization?

Let us help you!

At ClaimSync, our drive for innovation is more than just a claim.

It’s the way we do business, listening to our clients to help them solve problems and deliver new ways for them to work.

What we offer

Feature 1

Electronic Medical Records

Our solution enables healthcare providers to create and manage electronic patient records. You can also track trends and generate important reports for analysis.

Feature 1

Membership & benefit authentication

Healthcare providers can use this module to send requests to verify the membership status and benefit available for their clients on private health insurance.

Feature 1

Electronic Claims Submission

Healthcare provider? No need to pile up claims till the end of the month. You can now send claims daily, weekly or bi-weekly through ClaimSync.

Feature 1

Claims Processing

Insurance company? ClaimSync enables you to easily vet your claims just by clicking accept or reject buttons. You may also export your claims data for further adjudication.

So why choose ClaimSync?

ClaimSync has a very simple intuitive design.
One click and you’re good to go. Beyond our simple design however, here are our top three benefits for healthcare providers and insurers:

Better Patient Records Management!

Feature 1ClaimSync makes it easy for you to add, view and edit patient records. You can also search for patient records by name or membership number.

Easy Claims Processing!

Feature 1We’ve built in features that reduce the time spent completing claims. ICD-10 diagnosis classifications, common investigations and treatments have all been embedded. All you have to do is click and select.

Timely Technical Support!

Feature 1We are a local company with a world-class solution. What this means for you is that we are able to offer one-on-one training for your users and timely technical support when you need it.

Lower administrative costs!

Feature 1By signing up to ClaimSync, you can eliminate the printing, courier and paper storage costs and greatly reduce the labor costs associated with paper medical claims.

Faster Turnaround Time

Feature 1Besides eliminating the data entry and errors associated with paper claims, claimsync also speeds up your claims processing by making it easy to vet a claim and flag it for further review.

Better benefit utilization management

Feature 1We offer a verification system to your providers to ensure that only eligible members receive treatment making it easier for you to detect and prevent fraudulent claims.


Premier Mutual Health has examined the solution and is of the opinion that its features will reduce the burden of time and cost invested in manual processing and submission of medical bills.

Justice Asare.
Premier Mutual Health
Claims Manager